Nail Concealer Exists–Here’s How to Use It for the Perfect Barely-There Mani

If I’m not sure in the nail salon, my preferred choice is always an almost-there, milky nude mani. There’s something very elegant about this shade. It creates that effortless, I-woke-up-like-this-style that we’d all like to have. While nail art that is a bit eccentric and vibrant colors have the most important spot in my heart, If I had to pick one manicure to wear for the duration of my life I’m sure it would be the difficult no-manicure.

But here’s the problem while the style is easy to achieve choosing the right nail polish that creates an “my nails but better” look isn’t easy. Sometimes, the formula isn’t opaque, and sometimes the shade is too red or pink–the list of issues is endless.

When I first heard about nail concealers and the possibility that they might provide me with that easy smooth, elegant manicure I’ve been eyeing my curiosity was certainly attracted. In the end, there’s got to be a valid reason why that the products became a hit in the beauty industry online. Find out all you should be aware of about nail concealer, and why it’s the ideal simple polish to have in your arsenal of beauty products With input from expert nail technicians Gina Eppolito and Syreeta Aaron.

What Does a Nail Concealer Do?

As with conventional concealers the nail concealer can be utilized to conceal imperfections on the surface of your nail. “Nail concealer is a one-and-done application to achieve the illusion of perfectly natural nails,” says Eppolito. Nail concealers are typically lightly flesh-toned in order to hide imperfections like damage and discoloration and still maintain a natural, healthy appearance.

These concealers don’t only conceal imperfections, they conceal and treat the damage at the same time. Many formulas are infused with strengthening and rejuvenating ingredients to treat and safeguard nails from further damage. Aaron states that she usually utilizes a nail concealer, or similar hued polish when her client is returning to their natural nails following soak-offs, or any other type of enhancement to the nail (think dips, acrylics, soak-off or acrylics).

The best part is, nail concealers are extremely low maintenance. That’s because they do not require any topcoat and require minimal maintenance (though adding one can result in more durable wear).

How Do You Use a Nail Concealer?

The process of applying nail concealer is incredibly simple. Use one coat. You can apply a second coat if you would like. Let dry. Apply the top coat if need to add some durability. That’s it.

My Review

Nail concealer is a no-makeup nail makeup. Eppolito claims that the product’s goal is to provide an “picture-perfect, ultimate sophisticated manicure that looks effortless and polished at the same time.” In order to test her claims, I put them to the test I tested it myself, twice. I tried Londontown’s KUR Illuminating Nail Concealer ($20) in pink on one side and Dermelect’s MAKEOVER Ridge Filler Dual Concealer and Nail Treatment Base Coat ($18) on the other. For good measure I also tried Londontown’s untinted illumination nail concealer ($20) applied to a couple of my partner’s nail.

I’m a person who typically prefers extension gels, I’ve been struggling to find the ideal thin, slender nude for quite a while currently. The options are always too transparent for me. It appears that I’ve come across a few decent alternatives.

The Dermelect concealer as well as the one with a tint from Londontown emit a light pinkish tint; think of it as that neutral shade. The Dermelect concealer has a slight shimmer to it , which is more or less blue depending on lighting. The Londontown concealer is glossy , but it is not dazzling. Its original Londontown shades are a sheer, milky white. It drys to a more lustrous sheen or a veil.

In all honesty, I’m a big enthusiast of both formulas. I like that they provide some care for the nails and still leave the appearance of polished nails. In general, I believe nail concealers are brilliant. They create a elegant and sophisticated manicures that are virtually impossible to get wrong, a essential part of any beauty routine.

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