Is Minoxidil the Key to Full, Fluffy Eyebrows? We Asked Dermatologists

Loss of hair of any kind is a frightful thing, especially in the event that you don’t know the cause or what you can do to stop it. It can be particularly worrying when it’s happening right on the center on your forehead. In the end, you can cover a variety of things with concealer however, losing eyebrow hair is not one of them.

There’s a good thing: Eyebrow thinning is not a rare thing and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. It could be caused due to anything from skin issues and nutritional deficiencies , to the aging process, excessive grooming or even genetics.

If it’s about the loss of hair on our head, people have come appreciate and trust minoxidil (aka Rogaine). It’s not the most attractive product available however it certainly works hard to build stronger, thicker hair. However, would it work equally well for thinning eyebrows? Would it be feasible to test?

Minoxidil’s proven benefits on the scalp can be enticing as we spoke with dermatologists who are board certified Dhaval Bhanusali MD as well as Morgan Rabach, MD, regarding the use of minoxidil to treat eyebrows. Find out the things they recommend and do not recommend, as well as what to expect if you decide to test minoxidil on other areas than your scalp.

What Is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a topical prescription that aids in regrowing hair loss. There are several phases of hair growth: growth phase (anagen) (anagen), regressing stage (catagen) and the resting phase (telogen) as well as the exogen (shedding period). “When the hair is in the anagen phase, the follicles grow thicker and stronger,” Rabach says. Rabach. Minoxidil helps keep your hair follicles in the anagen stage so that they don’t shift to a state of regression or shed. “Minoxidil can also increase blood flow to the hair, making the environment healthier for growth,” she adds and, while it does not produce more hair it can promote natural growth. “Ultimately, it keeps the hair from falling out and also makes the hair in the area thicker, which helps to reduce the appearance of loss.”

How to Use Minoxidil for Eyebrows

Minoxidil is a popular drug applied to the hair. Applying minoxidil to your eyebrows is considered to be an off-label usage this means that the medication isn’t legally licensed for use in this region. However, many dermatologists believe that with the guidance of a professional it is extremely efficient. “We recommend it often,” says Bhanusali. “It can work similarly to how it works on the scalp, but it’s important to minimize exposure to the surrounding skin and eyes.”

Rabach is also adamant about using minoxidil for eyebrows, beginning at a 3 percent concentration and then increasing it to 5 percent when necessary. “I would recommend applying the liquid form of minoxidil directly to the skin with a Q-tip before bed,” she suggests.

Benefits of Using Minoxidil for Eyebrows

Minoxidil used to treat eyebrows could be an off-label treatment for those who are struggling with eyebrows that are shedding or thin or shedding, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility for your dermatologist to suggest taking it (and it’s important to take it very seriously).

The primary advantage of using minoxidil to the eyebrows is it’s the most effective solution and there aren’t any options that are viable. “Unfortunately, not much else out there has been shown to work,” says Bhanusali. “Some people believe microneedling can help, but at-home versions tend not to penetrate deep enough and put patients at risk for infections.”

By using a consistent, regular application of minoxidil for your eyebrows, you can expect improvements within 4-8 weeks, according to Rabach.

Minoxidil Vs. Over-the-Counter Products

If you’re worried about the non-label component however, there are a variety of over-the-counter products worth taking a look at for the first time. Revela’s Brow Serum ($88) and RevitaLash’s RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner ($110) are two products available over the counter that are designed to improve hair follicle health, and can help to aid in repairing thinning eyebrows. For more severe cases the dermatologist may recommend minoxidil.

Potential Side Effects

Minoxidil isn’t a product that’s recommended for use on your eyebrows, if you do not make sure you use it in a controlled manner or according to the instructions of your dermatologist, you might experience some negative reactions. “There’s always the possibility of getting it on a surrounding area,” Bhanusali says. It’s not just the risk of having it in the eyes (definitely the most significant worry) You also run the risk of having it spread to other parts of your face, where you don’t want your hair to get thicker.

People with sensitive skin be required to discuss the health that their skin is in with a dermatologist prior to deciding on. “It can cause irritation, dry skin, redness, peeling, and itching,” Rabach says. Rabach.

The Final Takeaway

Minoxidil can only be allowed to be used on the scalp, under the advice of dermatologists, it may assist in the treatment of thin eyebrows. For those who are only experiencing beginning signs of shedding might consider trying the use of some prescription medications If you’re experiencing a lot of shed, minoxidil might be able to help thicken the hair you already have and stop further loss in a couple of months. But what’s the most important takeaway? Make sure to do this with the guidance by your dermatologist.

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