Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer? Derms Weigh in on the Trending Myth

There is nothing better than the feeling you experience after an emotional cry. No matter if they’re sad or happy tears, following a session of sobbing, it’s hard not to feel as if a weight was lifted off your shoulders. There’s a tangible mental reward when you let it all out. The red eyes aren’t the only thing that pop There’s an unexpected boost to your beauty as well: crying causes your eyelashes to increase in length.

To find the root of this question that is frequently asked We reached out to two dermatologists with board certification: Marisa Garshick, MD as well as Rebecca Marcus, MD. Together, they assisted us to investigate the science behind the effects of crying on eyelashes. Check out the article to discover whether crying can actually make your eyelashes grow–and in the event that it doesn’t and how you could increase the length of the length of your eyelashes.

The Science Around Crying and Eyelashes

There are numerousof beauty stories and myths floating around in the world of beauty, and one current among them is the idea that crying could make your eyelashes grow. Before we get into this topic we’ll get into the scientific basis of tears and eyelashes. It is important to know the nature of tears in addition to what’s going on with the eyelashes of those who cry.

“Tears are made of water, fatty lipids, electrolytes, proteins, and mucin, which together create the three layers in the tears: the mucous layer, the aqueous layer, and the oily layer,” Garshick explains. “Tears aid in protecting the eyes from irritations. When you cry, your tears assist in clearing of eye-related debris which include dust and particles.”

Benefits of Crying

It’s been discovered that the most significant advantages of crying could be more mental than physical, and anyone who has dealt with puffy, red eyes following a scream is aware. The most important benefit is the relief that you might get after you’ve cried.

“Crying can help to relieve stress, and it is thought that emotional tears contain stress hormones and other toxins, though more research is needed,” Garshick states. For the physical benefits she says “crying helps to remove irritants that may be near the lashes.” Marcus says: “The tears can remove debris and makeup.”

Does Crying Help Your Eyelashes Grow?

We’re sorry to tell the world, however crying does not cause your eyelashes to grow longer. “This is a myth,” Marcus claims. Marcus. “There is no evidence that crying actually increases eyelash growth.” Although it might appear like that when you’re crying but it’s merely an illusion that lasts for a short time. “Crying does not make the eyelashes grow but the eyelashes may appear darker or straighter as tears lubricate the lashes,” Garshick claims.

How can you achieve longer long lashes? “Lash growth serums have become popular as a way to achieve fuller lashes naturally, without relying on other cosmetics or extensions,” Garshick states. Although there are a myriad of products for lash growth on the beauty aisles, Latisse is the only FDA-approved product designed to increase the growth of eyelashes. “Latisse is an excellent solution for increasing lash length,” Marcus says. “Although it does not make eyelashes grow, it does extend their length by extending their growth phase, giving them more time to grow longer.”

Latisse is a prescription-only drug and contains an ingredient called bimatoprost that is a prostaglandin derivative. “Importantly, in a double-blinded study, Latisse was found to be both safe and effective at making lashes longer, darker, and thicker,” Garshick claims. “The OTC (OTC) products contain ingredients like peptides vitamin extracts, natural ingredients, as well as certain prostaglandin analogs. For those who prefer to stay clear of prescription drugs or cannot get an appointment with a doctor, the OTC products are an ideal place to begin. If you’ve tried an OTC alternative but aren’t getting the results you want It’s the perfect time to look into the prescribed medication and speak with your dermatologist to determine if you’re an appropriate candidate.”

The Final Takeaway

Although a sob might provide some relief from stress however, it will not increase the length of your eyelashes. The only FDA-approved lash-growth product such as the Latisse prescription will help your grow your lashes to new lengths. There are many mascara-enhancing serums available currently available and achieving longer lashes isn’t something to be giddy about.

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